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“MAJOR CON” (Healthcare Oddity)

by on December 2, 2013


“MAJOR CON” (Healthcare Oddity)
(music by David Bowie)

(DEDICATION): Obama-UNaffordable-Care RE-Launch


Ground Control to ‘Major Con’…
Ground Control to ‘Major Con’…
Load your talking points, and turn your prompter on….

Ground Control to Major Con…
Commencing website, green lights on 😦 ….
Enter personal information, and may God’s love be with you! 😦 ………

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.. PISSED OFF! 😦

This is Ground Control to Major Con..
Polls really gave you a failing grade..
& the papers want to know, canceled plans, do you care?
Now it’s time to hold a press conference, if you dare…

This is ‘Major Con’ to Ground Control..
I’m ‘transforming’, expect uproar..
& I’m floating soon a post, ACA ‘Single Pay’.. 🙂
& these States look very different, today….

Five years!…..
I’m still blaming Bush when I can…
(I stay)
Far!…… above the ruin…
Planet Earth I’ll rule..
& there’s nothing you can do 🙂 ….


Though the site’s past 100,000 visits..
It’s full of glitches still 😦
And I think my healthcare foes won’t let it go…
Tell my wife, we spent way too much…

Ground Control.. to ‘Major Con’..
Your “reform’s” dead.. was always wrong..

Can you hear us.. Major Con?..

Can you hear us.. Major Con?..

Can you spare us.. Major Con?..

Do you care?………

I am blaming Insurance while I can…
(I’m staying)
Far!….. above, more cancellations soon…
The States can re-issue..

& that’s the best that I can do 😦 ………….

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