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City Cancels Memorial Day Parade Over Lack Of Veterans…

by on May 26, 2013
This Sunday, the streets of Beverly, Massachusetts will look just like they always do. And that’s the problem, some veterans say. The city has cancelled its annual Memorial Day parade for what’s believed to be the first time since the end of the Civil War.

Many veterans who were gathered at the Herman A. Spear American Legion Post on Friday night are upset by the decision.

“It’s not right to me,” says Ron Innocenti. He is a Vietnam veteran who has not only marched in the city’s Memorial Day parade in the past, he says he has also been its grand marshal.

He hates to cancel because of the message it sends to men and women serving now.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Sorry…no sympathy from this veteran! Personally, I don’t need any recognition, parades, handshakes or the over used “thanks for your service”. I can’t stand that phrase especially from people who never served. I tell them not to thank me but instead to head down to the local VA Hospital and thank the men and women who are going through burn treatments, prosthetic rehab…even those trying to walk again!

    …the look of shame on their faces says it all along with their lack of words!

    YOU want to thank veterans or even those who are dead? Head on down to your local VFW. ASK if anyone there has any needs. Landscaping or Housing maintenance for the older vets who can’t get on those ladders or lift those paving stones. Perhaps a Gold Star Mom or Widow could use a trip to the store or even just someone to do some handyman work…etc!

    The point is that those of who are fortunate enough to not have been killed, mutilated, brain damaged or suffered some other sort of injury have the rest of our lives to move on with. We are proud of our service and proud of our military brothers and sisters…we don’t need parades or any trivial reminder that what we have done is somehow honorable…we already recognized that when we signed on the line and that is why we were willing to die to protect and defend the same people who don’t volunteer or assist veterans and widows in need!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I think the town misses the point of Memorial Day. A lack of veterans may dampen Veterans Day, but Memorial Day was institutionalized to honor our war dead. It started as Decoration Day, as families from both sides of the Civil War would place flowers on the graves of their family members, friends and neighbors who gave the ultimate sacrifice in that war and all American wars since. There was and never will be a shortage of those. It is a day of remembrance by the living.

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