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OBAMA GOLF COUNTER: includes Round, Date, Venue, US Casualties

by on May 23, 2013

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Too funny in light of 45

  2. Anonymous permalink

    No kidding. Obama loves to do what HE wants to do. The role of Commander in Chief is beneath him

  3. Anonymous permalink

    The unofficial Washington D.C. rumor mill has, for years, been
    chattering about the underlying reason that Obama is so frequently found on the golf course. Choom, grass, weed, dope,pot… you know good ol’ marijuana. The Secret Service knows that the back nine at Congressional, and other secluded tree lined areas are off limits to photographers and the press during Obama’s golf outings. According to many rumors, the DOJ supplies the dope from drug raids, and it is tested for herbicides before being used by our President.

    Obama admits to being a heavy dope smoker at Punahou, Oxy
    and Columbia. Users like him still seek the buzz, regardless of age or position.

    • Like Snoop Dogg, Obamie never pass on da grass

    • Nancy permalink

      Shit like this makes us conservatives look foolish. It’s also this shit that the liberals take and run with.

      • The true SHIT is how Obama loves golf more than America. Put the clubs away bro and start doing your duty!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    That really is disturbing when you read the details of his golf outings juxtaposed with troop casualties under his negligent watch. Commander in Chief, indeed

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