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senior Obama administration officials knowingly misled country about Benghazi …

by on May 5, 2013
State Dept. Caught Editing Talking Points…

Obama administration officials knowingly misled country about Benghazi …

The Benghazi Talking Points

And how they were changed to obscure the truth

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Obama should be impeached and Hillary should go to jail for lying to Congress under oath.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    If a sitting president deliberately kills his ambassador, who represents his government, how is this NOT TREASON. If his whole administration, including his attorney general, was a party to it, is this not treason?
    By deliberately not rescuing his ambassador, and telling his military to “stand down”, this president committed treason.
    Remember the fabric of the man who just a few days ago, “blessed” Planned Parenthood, with full knowledge of the Gosnell trial.
    Did this president watch on live feed from the cameras at the embassy? If so, and they still told the Seals to stand down, that in my book is treason.
    There are 32 living who have been prevented by this president from telling the truth. 32 whose lives were saved by these heroes who sacrificed their own lives.
    The odds are against this “president”.
    HOPEFULLY….good will triumph over EVIL this time…………if NOT………WE ARE ALL DOOMED.
    Please……don’t let their deaths be in vain.
    This president must not be allowed to get away with this, or we are lost, truly lost.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    After Osama bin Laden was taken out on May 2, 2011, Marxist Obama lied to the American people when he said al Qaeda was defeated and the war on terror had been won. That lie was a major talking point in his 2012 re-election campaign to “prove” he was a good commander in chief. So when Ambassador Chris Stevens called the State Department requesting additional security at the Benghazi Embassy, Marxist Obama had to perpetuate that lie or the American people would realize al Qaeda had not been defeated and the war on terror hadn’t been won like he falsely claimed. Therefore, Marxist Obama ordered Hillary Clinton to deny Ambassador Stevens request to upgrade the security at the embassy.
    The attack took place on September 11, 2012 – just two months before the 2012 election. If Marxist Obama sent in Special Forces to save Ambassador Stevens and the other brave men, it would definitely prove he had lied to the American people. So the Obama administration decided to save Marxist Obama’s presidency instead of the lives of brave men in Benghazi and never sent help. Then they lied again by saying the attack was just a spontaneous reaction to a video and not a terrorist attack at all.
    The sad truth is the brave men in Benghazi were hung out to dry so Marxist Obama could win the election; which he stole by voter fraud anyway. Now it’s time to impeach the liar from Kenya.

  4. guitargod permalink

    STAND DOWN Obamacon!

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