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by on March 19, 2013


(music from ‘The Nanny’ TV show)

He was inspecting a styrofoam-free shop, he likes to oversee..
He kicked out a store tobacco-display, making one of his drama-queen scenes..
What would he now do?..
Where would he now go?..
He’s gonna chew out & kick somebody’s fat fanny……
So out the door and rushing to the local food-court..
He went there to stop 16 oz fill-ups but saw bacon-sundaes & a whole lot more! 😦
“Triple Whopper’s got no style”
“Grand Slamwiches no flair”
That’s how he became ‘Bloomberg the Nanny!’……..

Who would have guessed more parking spaces for cars electrified..
2nd-Amendment not exactly what this gun-grabber prescribed..
Now his leadership is beguiling.. (watch out citizenry!)
And people with earbuds ain’t smiling.. (they can’t hear a damn thing!)
He’s the twerp in over his head while everybody else is ignoring his bans…….
The judge is annoyed & agreeing…
Nanny Bloomberg’s a sham!


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