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Obama Goes All the Way Live with His Gay Agenda

by on January 29, 2013


(American Thinker, Lloyd Marcus)

Okay, am I the only conservative/Christian making a big deal about President Obama invoking gay rights in his inaugural address?

Obama portrayed homosexuals’ struggle to normalize their behavior, which the Bible has declared an abomination to God, as equal to the struggles of blacks and women for equality in America.

Page one of the liberals’ “Silence the Opposition” manual instructs that they gang-assault me, calling me a hater of gays. Liberals take every issue to the ultimate extreme to make their opposition appear to be nutcases. For example: if you oppose Obama imperialistically ignoring the Constitution to ban guns, liberals say you are a redneck racist who approves of and even is responsible for mass murder.

So, because I reject their super-aggressive bullying push to normalize homosexuality, liberals say I hate gays and seek them harm. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have homosexual longtime friends and family whom I love dearly. God loves gays. But do not demand that I reject my faith by forcing me to declare homosexual behavior “normal.”

And make no mistake about it, folks: liberals are incrementally moving America towards government-mandated normalization of homosexuality. Preachers could find themselves in jail for preaching the biblical take on homosexuality. In the U.K., a preacher was arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin.

Given Obama’s plan to override the Second Amendment via executive order and his assault on religious freedom by forcing Christians to betray their faith via mandating that they fund abortion services in ObamaCare, it would be naïve to assume that this tyrannical president would not criminalize opposition to homosexuality via some new “hate speech” law.

Meanwhile, Christians, black and white, support Obama no matter what because whites feel that it would be racist and blacks feel it traitorous to oppose, in any way, America’s first black president. Dear Lord, help us!

Liberals implement absurd, flawed all-or-nothing logic to demonize any opposition to homosexuality. If you disapprove of a friend’s kleptomania, does it mean you hate your friend? Of course not. But if you disapprove of a friend’s sexual behavior, liberals say you hate your friend and approve of him being abused and even murdered. This is how liberals win issues — vilify/demonize the opposition.

Even the liberals’ term “homophobic” implies that those who disagree with homosexuality are mentally ill.

For years, liberal teachers have taught elementary students that being homosexual is not at all different from . Remarkably, we have even allowed public schools to encourage our kids to be “open-minded” and try homosexuality before deciding their preferred sexual orientation. These are the same teachers who have a cow when a kid brings a Bible or wears a t-shirt displaying a cross or the U.S. flag to school.

Where is the Christian outcry/opposition?

Before the election, I wrote articles and did media interviews informing fellow black Christians in particular about Obama’s for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. I was called an Uncle Tom sellout and a Republican “paid” operative.

Well, Obama confirmed my accusations to the world in his inaugural address. So, now what? Does it simply not matter to Christians? To the best of my knowledge, there has been little to no pushback from followers of Christ regarding Obama’s unprecedented stated support of the gay agenda. As a matter of fact, I have been hearing a disturbing deceptive new mantra from people of faith: “God is love, and He does not care whom we love. It’s all good.”

America’s deception and embrace of sin will not end with government-mandated normalization of homosexuality. A recent article in a U.K. newspaper, The Guardian, suggested that pedophilia is not harmful to kids. Rest assured: this evil deception is coming to America. Liberals will embrace it. Will Christians say, Oh well…God is love?

“Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out and trodden under foot of men.” -Matthew 5:13

Brothers and sisters, be salt.

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  1. Homobama supports Amnesty for Illegals- there’s a winning combination!

  2. guitargod permalink

    “you say you had an Evolution.. well.. we all know you want to change our world”…..

  3. Anonymous permalink

    There is natural law. It is self evident. Fecal sex leads to AIDS. That is natural law. There is no other genesis of the disease. Millions have been infected. Hundreds of thousands of heteros have been cross-infected. If this disease ever jumps to airborne transmission, all of us will be having a different discussion. Fecal sex is ” not normal .” A man eyeing another mans anus in a lustful manner is an abomination in the creators mind. The shame felt by those attracted to fecal sex is because of the discernment the creator placed in their hearts. Did they ever stop to think, that a celibate life and service to the creator was their intended path? All of us are born sinful. It is only by submitting to the creator do we receive humility. It is only thru that humility do we receive the washing of our sin and the grace that follows it. It is only thru that grace do we receive discernment to ” see ” his blessings in the people and circumstances of our lives. If you are gay, remember he loves you. He has a plan for you. Knock and he will answer. He will fill your empty cup. He will guide you to your path. He will heal you. He will diminish your lust. He is there now. I promise. Please don’t wait till your demise and find yourself at the ethereal door knocking. For the door will open and a voice will say, ” I’m sorry, I don’t know you, your looking for another door.” And then the door gently closes….in Christs name, ::::::::::

    • Anonymous permalink

      “fecal sex”…. outstanding description to be used in my next homosexual debate! It’s so crappy but yet such an excellent play on words!…A masterpiece this is.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes, we should pray for those suffering with the sin of homosexuality. It is an obstacle to God’s blessing.

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