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Obama and Moderate Republicans See Conservatives as Common Enemy

by on January 15, 2013

“i’m a Con-Man… in an electric car (I’ll never) ride…
i’m Lyin’.. (lyin’).. & i like to demonize!”..

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  1. If Cindy McCain gives a speech at the GOPer ceiovntnon;Posted by Neil BHi everyoneMy name is Cindy McCain. I am the wife of a POW.I am here at the ceiovntnon to introduce my husband,the next Pow .. I mean president of the United states.I met John not long after he was a POW, he was cheating on his wife at the timebecause he had been a POW, and I just could not be prouder that he picked me.It was a difficult time in the POW’s I mean Johns life. You see he had to go hometo a wife who’d been badly injured in a car accident, now he had seen enough of these injuries whenhe was a POW and felt it was his moral duty to divorce her. Oh sure he tried to work it out by havingsex with other women to save the marriage but in the end it did not work because he was a POW.I’d like to talk a little about myself and my accomplishments .I married a man who was a POW.I was raised in a family with two sisters and I am an only child.My father who like John the POW cheated on and divorced his first wife,he left me only one hundred million dollars when he died. Subsequently we have only been able to buy twelve houses,Sadly it is not enough to keep John from feeling cooped up like a POW.I lobby against mothers against drunk driving because I own a beer distributorship those mothers should not threaten thelivelihood of a POW. Now you don’t want to get John mad or he might call you a c*nt which he called me once in public.Sadly it is because he was a POW, that may have been the low point of my life. But I bounced back and told people thatmother Teresa told me to adopt a child even though I just made that part up because John was a POW.I could go on and on and on and on,but just let me leave off tonight by saying thank you all, and thank God, that John was a POW.

  2. Good morning eoyverne! I thought Hillary’s speech was fantastic last night. As Clif pointed out, Democrats loved hearing her say, No way no how .NO MCCAIN . Loved it! There was one Hillary supporter interviewed last night who said she will go on with Hillary’s wishes. Hey, if me being a Dennis Kucinich supporter can heed his words when he said to all of us to throw our support to Barack Obama when he dropped out, then the Hillary supporters can too!It’s very simple: DEMOCRATS NEED TO WIN IN NOVEMBER and voting for Johnny McTeleprompter who has stated he will get rid of Roe v. Wade is absolutely ridiculous! It just doesn’t make sense. If the Hillary supporters were supporting her for her issues, then voting for John McCain is a stab in her back. She made that point well last night too!I loved her Harriet Tubman’s quote at the end. If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If theye2€™re shouting after you, keep going. Done2€™t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going. Even in the darkest of moments, ordinary Americans have found the faith to keep going. Fantastic. Speaking of dogs, they tried to infect my computer last night! Oh yes. Apparently my post about Susan Collins having an affair with a married man is making the dogs nervous! I’m sure Lance Dutson who is Suzie-Q’s IT person intentionally had the Google Alert link to my post go to a porno site to INFECT ANYONE’S COMPUTER WHO CLICKS ON IT.Nice huh? The Collins Mafia has long knives. They’ll do anything to protect Suzie-Q from pertinent questions and any kind of scrutiny! Well If you get the dog’s viruses & trojans on your computer, keep going! If you get the dog’s threats on your life, keep going! Don’t stop until the sunlight has killed the dogs! KayInMaine

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