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Hollywood, Miami: Two robbers shot dead

by on January 15, 2013

Armed victims returned fire. How would they have fared with pepper spray or a fly swatter?

From → 2nd Amendment

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  1. MOP Your not man enough to break soeomne’s jaw. That is why you are intimidated by Sarah Palin. She has more balls then you ever will. Now to the point did Powel endorse BO because he’s black? Yes with out a doubt. If not tell me the last time he endorsed one of the most liberal member of congress. Will it make a difference? NODo I think BO will be elected? Yes. I also see a Republican congress in two years and Republican president in four. My world will not change with BO as President. My company will lose profits because of the tax hike and slow down in economy. But I will recoup the cost by canceling health insurance and firing a few good employees. It will be a wash either way. But hey at least 95% percent of Americans want be effected by the tax hike.

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