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by on December 20, 2012

(music by RUSH)

George Washington – May 1753: “Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of Liberty, abused to licentiousness.”

Guitar God – July 2016: “Our Founding Fathers are no longer ‘spinning in their graves’, rather they will be ‘voting’ come November!”

And the men who hold high places..
Must lead us to re-start..
To uphold a free & prosperous reality..
Closer to our start..

Closer to our start..

The Blacksmith and the Artist..
Reflect our traditions in their art..
We all forge our sacred Liberty..
Closer to our start..
Yes, closer to America’s start……

Philosophers and Ploughmen..
Each must do their part..
To sow a Conservative mentality..
Closer To America’s Start..
Yes, closer to our start….

Yeah! whooo……


whoa whoa!
Now we desperately need a new Captain 😦
One who respects the Constitution as our chart!
Fulfilling our shining destiny 🙂
Closer To America’s Start…
Closer To Our Start…
I said Closer to America’s Start!…
Closer To America’s Start!………..

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