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Bill Whittle on Conservatism and Mitt Romney

by on December 3, 2012


  1. guitargod permalink

    so where the was all of this articulation during the campaign? Romney only had 6 yrs of running for the presidency to provide it! remember he was the loser to the ’08 loser & is now the ’12 loser.. he was the wrong candidate period! just because you are a decent person w/ a terrific life story, choosing to moderate when trying to convince a nation to hire you is unacceptable. If he was “not willing to set his hair on fire” to take down a communist and protect our freedom he should’ve told us this and bowed out years ago.. or we should’ve recognized it and not invested in him. either way America loses bigtime! this could’ve & should’ve been avoided.. we had plenty of role models to look toward for inspiration.. people who would never have played down to conman’s level and moderate in the name of what??? Presidents from Washington through to Reagan would’ve kicked ass in a heartbeat. After Colorado debate Mitt must’ve felt bad for Barry though 😦 boo hoo. The Mitt McCains of the party best fade forever away…………………….. the real tragedy is that during this pathetic era of weak candidates allowing a community organizer to become president, is that we had incredible picks at the VP level – Palin & Ryan.. the silver lining is the 2010 TeaParty backlash to the O’Con Statism and the bigger backlash yet to come as a result of this freakshow…

    • Romney’s not a loser, but he lost. However, if Romney’s a loser, then everyone who voted for Romney is a loser.

      • guitargod permalink

        yes i’m afraid we & he are losers.. once again.. so we have to ask ourselves why? did we lose to a fraud who is dismantling our Liberty?? we lost because we/he did not appropriately wage the campaign.. enter Washington enter Reagan enter TeaParty! 2014 WE ROLL!

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