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by on November 8, 2012

President Barack Obama sees America as a salad bowl, where multiculturalists are free to pick and choose identities and cultures instead of sharing a unifying one — the classical melting pot concept. And Obama’s successful 2012 campaign — as sophisticated as it was when it came to micro-targeting voters — reflected his broader view.

Instead of running a campaign based on his record or a unifying and forward-looking vision for the next four years, Obama essentially ran multiple, micro-targeted campaigns aimed at specific racial groups, scaring them into believing Republicans would take away their rights and promising them legislation on pet issues in a second term. He used the same template with women voters. He essentially united his coalition by disuniting America, one racial and gender group at a time.

And incredibly — with the help of Obama’s “Moneyball”-esque date crunchers and geeks — it worked devastatingly well on Election Day. Obama’s progressive coalition, in what was a base election, turned out in droves, surprising Republican pollsters who had built their models on turnout levels similar to 2004’s.

It was something Romney and Republicans could not match, which is why Obama won in the key battleground states despite losing the independent vote. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and young voters turned out in greater numbers than in 2008, and whites turned out in fewer numbers.

In fact, Romney and Ryan got nearly three million fewer votes than John McCain and Sarah Palin did in 2008. McCain and Palin received 59,934,814 votes and Romney and Ryan received nearly 57,200,000. This is made more remarkable when one considers how Obama’s historic 2008 run fired up voters — with the mainstream media’s help — and McCain, who the Republican base did not like as well, had to run a shoestring campaign because his operation basically went bankrupt during the primary.

Romney’s campaign did not have financial problems and was also aided by hundreds of millions of dollars worth of support from Republican-affiliated super PACs.

The Obama campaign was devastatingly brilliant in maximizing turnout among its most liberal supporters. Their data crunchers had the campaign’s so-called “secret sauce” and were kept away in seclusion from most of the campaign team. They had data, for instance, that determined George Clooney would help them raise the most amount of money from West Coast females ages 40-49, as reported by   TIME Magazine. These types of models and data-sets were used to activate and turn out members of the Obama coalition.

But none of it could have been possible without Obama’s public pronouncements and executive actions — on an array of issues ranging from gay marriage to immigration — aimed specifically at various groups in his progressive coalition.

Here is how Obama targeted and turned out these disparate groups:

Read detailed analysis here…

  1. Mitt was the right man at the right place and the right time. Mitt was right-on with his “47 percent” comment. The country has changed. There is at least that many, and probably more, who just want the freebies. They don’t want the economy to improve to give them more opportunity to prosper. They just want a gangsta prezidenta who pretends to get down with their struggle. These people are godless and shameless. Even if Mitt would have covered every “coulda, shoulda, and wouldas” he would have still lost. Ronald Reagan would have lost in 2012.

    • guitargod permalink

      absolute nonesense! Mitt could’ve easily won had he simply engaged ALL issues and articulated need & benefit of American Conservatism.. he would’ve attracted millions more Repubs Conservs & Indees.. along w/ persuading millions more Mods Indees BlueDogDems and leaners…. he coulda shoulda & woulda had a Conservative Landslide victory 🙂 instead he engineered a middle mush sinkhole 😦 it’s a cop out to say we’ve tipped to left & cant win because of voters.. Mitt left much low hanging fruit on tree to rot 😦 Mitt never was & never will be Reagan.. Reagan knew how to win the big election and did what was necessary.. Reagan would have shined brightly in 2012… Mitt had much potential to deliver but sadly wilted on the way to the endzone 😦

  2. guitargod permalink

    this election was not at all a case of Obamacon doing anything brilliant or somehow defending/hiding his pathetic record – rather it was a case of Team Romney (per Team McCain) handcuffing themselves & letting O’Con off the hook 😦 Romney passiveness was unacceptable with what was at stake! I believe after the flash of the first debate success.. the Mormon felt bad for the Moron and eased back 😦 the keys of Conservatism which held victory and would’ve refuted any & all O’Con attacks were as in 08 put in a lockbox! 😦 we once again nominated the Loser to the 08 Loser and guess what?? we got an updated 2012 LOSER! 😦 NEWT or RICK should have been the nominee & we win easily!! they would have disected OCon and aggressively turned tricks back on him.. it would have been like that Colorado debate for 4 mos! sadly though we once again cringed & bowed thinking the moderate menatlity is superior! nonsense! it is useless.. we need now to start building up candidates such as Marco Rubio w/ his life story and beliefs & articulation of the traditional Conservativism on all fronts: fiscal.. foreign policy.. and yes SOCIAL!! we need to study the blueprint Ronald Reagan provided many yrs ago and shun any & all moderates o politcaly correct establishment types.. thx Mitt for NOTHING! your pullback on Benghazi in the 11th hr & your unanswered defense on the ridiculous attacks of BAIN & “war on women” & obamacare & so many other hestitations not only did us & country no good.. it propelled the Lib fraud & narrative of decay forward… thx Mitt for John & Bush for your passivity & defense of nothing but staus quo – stay the heel out of the conservative movmt’s way in the future! and those laser attacks on Newt & Rick in primary vs your kid gloves on OCon will be your legacy Mittens of Mush 😦 Newt shoulda went to Tampa while you jet skied Ace…..

    • 😀 Hahaha, Newt and Rick were crushed in the primary. They would have never survived the general, nor would any other of those republican/independent candidates. You’re fooling yourself if you think otherwise. Mitt was the man. Romney/Ryan was the team. It’s sickening that voters are such lazy, selfish fools.

      • guitargod permalink

        you have to get over your Romnesia…. if he was the man why did he lose?? he was the 08 loser to the 08 loser = 2012 loser… Newt or Rick would have engaged all issues and snagged all those voters …. blaming voters is a cop out… allegiance to moderation is dangerous if you want to win elections… people need to be persuaded & led… educated & inspired… Mitt was the wrong nominee & primary voters thought they were playing it safe & smart when they were actually investing hope in someone who did not have the instinct or will to campaign effectively in addressing all issues to his advantage & detriment of opponent….. proof??.. Mitt got crushed by a conman w/ no accomplishment.. Mitt did not defend himself.. Mitt ran & hid from issues and Mitt brought the knife to the gun fight….. so much for his wisdom and leadership……..

      • guitargod permalink

        Newt ESP.. but also Rick.. would have explained not only American Conservative principle & policy.. but wouldve given real results & impact of throughout history and given direct exapmles of how & why it is needed so much by each group of voters and how it would directly & immediatelt benefit them as groups & individuals.. increasing their status rights liberties etc…. this is a quality you have to have had lived & demonstarted… NEWT woulda kicked Barrys ass and left NOTHING on the table or to chance.. in addition to articulating & persuding these voter groups.. he would have turned all the lame attacks back o O’Con and clearly shown how Conservatism is SUPERIOR to any idealogy O’con presents.. he would have exposed him as a fraud and overwhelmed him w/ clear evidence – O’con woulda been left crying 😦

        yes Newt woulda brought the Bazooka to the gun fight! oh yeah!

      • guitargod permalink

        further evidence of Mitt fumbling campaign was the ONE flash of when he took in to ocon in CO debate.. look at the huge overnight turnaround & immediate gamechanging impact! wow what happened to thAT?? mee thx the mormon felt bad for the moron, and he back off back to moderateation 😦
        yes we coulda shoulda & woulda won if not for another campaign go ’round w/ ol’ Mitt McCain 😦

        support real Conservatives in 2014.. RUBIO 2016!!!! it right around the corner! and in the meantime TeaParty pressure Boehner!!!!

  3. guitargod permalink

    precisely why Romney needed to address.. expose.. explain on a variety of issues very aggressively…. He did NONE of what needed to be done, focusing on only the economy – and then not going nearly as far as he should of in defending & articulating his record & conservative economic principles.. OCon couldve targeted his little takers all he wanted if he were up against someone who knew how to win…… RUBIO 2016!!! TEAPARTY2012!!!! SENATE 2014!!!!

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