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Obama on Math: “Well, the math stuff I was fine with up until about seventh grade.”

by on October 26, 2012

Obama Strugges with ‘the Math Stuff’

Woman asks Obama what school subject he has trouble helping his daughters with…


Former Biden Aide: Obama ‘Financially Illiterate’


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Obama admitted he did poorly with math after Grade 7. He finds his 12 year old daughter’s math too difficult. Lets put this into context: If 2X + 2 = 6 what is the value of X. Most difficult for that year: 2/3X + (6 X 1/3X) = 8 what is the value of X. Easy stuff for most adults who have passed out of Grade 9 let alone 12. Even that horribly dumb George W. Bush only managed a C grade, but with 4th year calculus, and physics necessary for Fighter training. If Obama cannot even go past grade 8 algebra how the heck did he qualify for any post secondary education? Are standards that low? Is affirmative action giving such a huge leg up someone literally mentally challenged was able to get a Harvard Law Degree? No wonder Obama has not released his transcripts. Question now is Obama actually even less qualified for the job as president than his thin resume suggested?

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