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by on October 18, 2012

Man alive, can you imagine the media reaction if in 2008 Obama was thisclose to winning the presidency and dozens of citizens made public death threats against him? Between the tweets collected at Twitchy and Info Wars, the Secret Service will have plenty to keep them busy for the next few weeks. But the media has shown no interest whatsoever in what is a legitimate story.

The corrupt media’s ignoring it for two reasons. First off, they just don’t care about death threats against Republicans. What you have there is a sort of depraved indifference. Secondly, reporting on death threats against Romney will make him a sympathetic character, and three weeks from an election, there’s no way in the world the media will allow that to happen.

Everyday Americans in the form of Tea Partiers garner all kinds of brutal media attention if they use the word “socialist.”

Everyday Americans in the form of Obama supporters taking to Twitter to threaten the life of a potential president and to foment a violent atmosphere against him garner absolutely no attention.

Regardless of the outcome, after the election, the media’s going to try and rehabilitate itself.

We cannot allow that to happen.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    As long as the FBI does not ignore them too …………………..

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