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by on October 5, 2012

Mitt Romney has a new web ad out, which almost exclusively features clips from the Republican presidential candidate performance at Wednesday night’s debate in Denver. Watch the ad below:

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  1. John, Lindsey Graham is a very popular corvnesative, and would be a solid choice. The only problem I see with him is that he’s also a senator, and (other things being equal) he’d do better not to have a ticket with two congressman JFK pulled this off, but just barely. A senator is going to be the next president, but the conventional wisdom (for what it’s worth) is that the ticket should be balanced with some executive credentials.So I’m going to side with conventional wisdom on this one and say that McCain would do better to select a governor. Crist in Florida would be a good choice, because Florida is a key swing state. Crist, though, has only served a year, and it may not be the best thing for the Florida GOP to have it’s Governor hi-jacked into presidential politics.Jeb Bush would be a great choice were it not for his last name.Bobby Jindal is a ballsy but unrealistic choice he’s only just been inaugurated.The only female Republican Governor is Sarah Palin of Alaska. That would be an interesting choice, but it would seem a bit feeble. Does anyone know anything about Governor Palin?There’s Jane Swift, the former acting governor of Massachusetts, but she’s ill-qualified and did a terrible job here. Paul Cellucci chose her to be the Lt. Governor based on the fact that she was from western Massachusetts, and she became acting governor when he left to become US ambassador to Canada. She did a bad enough job that she paved the way for Romney to run successfully for governor on a platform of change after 12 consecutive years of Republican governors in Massachusetts. (She hates Romney because his candidacy denied her the opportunity to run for re-election.)Condoleeza Rice would have been an exceptional choice were it not for the fact that the Iraq war has made her such a divisive figure.If the idea of selecting a woman trumps the fear of a senate-heavy ticket, then Elizabeth Dole is the obvious choice. She hails from the south and talks like a southerner. She is well known, well respected, very smart, and qualified to be president in her own right. She’s charismatic, a credible speaker, and a shrewd politician. As an added bonus, she served in Reagan’s cabinet.Senator Hutchison from Texas is also quite capable, but she has the demeanor and look of a primary teacher and I don’t think that she’ll wear well in a national election.Senator Snowe is too liberal for a McCain ticket.When choosing a VP, geographic and political balance are always considerations. This election seems to place an added emphasis on gender and ethnic balance, and I think that on the balance that’s a good thing. Once these issues are addressed, candidates do best to choose someone either to bolster their credibility (e.g., Johnson for Kennedy, Cheney for Bush, Benston for Dukakis, Gore for Clinton) or to shore up some wing of the party (e.g., Quayle for Bush, Bush for Reagan, or Nixon for Eisenhower). McCain doesn’t need anyone to bolster his credibility, so look for him to go for a staunch corvnesative in any case.Look for Obama to choose someone to bolster his credibility. Hillary would likely choose someone to shore up support in her party. If she’s concerned about the black vote, this could be someone like Doug Wilder or Duval Patrick. Personally, I think that she’d do better to select an hispanic running mate, because many Hispanic politicians have American-sounding names and don’t register very strongly on American’s ethnicity radar (e.g., Bill Richardson), and a black and a woman on the same ticket may well be too risky for the backward-thinking segment of America which still makes up a large portion of the electorate. There are too many prominent and well-qualified hispanic politicians in the Democratic party to name them all here.

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