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Steyn: “Disgraceful” That Filmmaker Had More Armed Security Than Ambassador To Libya

by on September 18, 2012

Conservative author and writer Mark Steyn appeared on Monday’s broadcast of FOX News “Hannity” to discuss the trail of a movie that some are claiming to be the source of outrage in the Middle East.

“It’s got nothing to do with the video and there’s always a video; there’s always a cartoon; there’s always a teddy bear; there’s always some pretext for the mob to go crazy,” Steyn told Hannity.

Steyn said it the amount of law enforcement that was sent to retrieve the filmmaker compared to the amount of security around the murdered U.S. ambassador to Libya was “absolutely disgraceful.”

“And it’s absolutely disgraceful the site that you just showed here, of those guys, those armed guys, going at midnight on a weekend to take this filmmaker in for questioning. You know, if the ambassador in Benghazi had that level of armed force, he’d still be alive today,” Steyn said.

“He and Mrs. Clinton have chosen to blame this obscure video. Now that’s misdirection. It’s nothing to do with that,” Steyn also said.

Steyn said if the film on YouTube angered Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama so much and they want to be critics, then they should write a movie review.

“They’re shouting death to America,” Steyn said on Hannity. “There’s no qualification there. Death to America. Which of those three words doesn’t the United States government understand? Death to or America? What they’re doing is absolutely going to endanger the lives of Americans because they’re actually confirming the mob’s thesis that the government is responsible for the content of the movie.”

“I went through this big battle up in Canada. And I said then that I wasn’t interested in the Canadian government officials’ views of my book when they attempted to criminalize my book. If they want to write a book review, they can write it for the Literary Review of Canada. If Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want to be film critics, they can get a job with Variety. But the United States government should not be taking a position on this film or this filmmaker because they’re endangering the lives of other Americans when they do it,” he concluded.

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  1. It’s disgraceful that the military commanders have to empty their guns at the beck and call of liberal and clearly anti-American government officials. Hillary and her minions are just as intent on dismantling our American Dream as Barack Hussein Obama and his crew from the hood!

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