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by on September 15, 2012

(music by AC/DC)


I like to plunder.. pour money down the drain..
I’m comin’ off another Target charade…
My private plane’s flashin’ across the sky..
I’m only 1st-Lady once, Spain vaca why deny?…

Won’t make no appearance,
Without high fashion guise…
Those bitter clingers, I despise…
I’m the proud belle, just watch my head swell…
I’m gonna get mine, take it all n’ get mine!…

MICHELLE BELLE…. You got us maxin’..
MICHELLE BELLE…. Our piggybank’s dry 😦

I’ll give you healthy sensations up and down your spine…

If you’re into fitness you’re a friend of mine..
See I’m jumpin’ jack flash, do crunches & yoga all night..
But if there’s sprouts on the left, then I’m takin’ the cookies on the right 🙂

Now don’t eat no preservatives,
So sorry but can’t spare a frie..
McDonald’s ain’t even puttin’ up a fight…
I’m the gardening belle who’s gonna take you to food-hell..
I’m gonna starve ya, “Let’s Move” or I’ll starve ya!…

MICHELLE BELLE…. You got us pickin’..
MICHELLE BELLE…. My cholesterol’s high..

Michelle Belle.. Aspen’s callin’ to you..
Michelle Belle.. Martha’s Vineyard ain’t too far..
Michelle Belle.. Hawaii with your guy?..
Michelle Belle.. jettin’ across the sky……

Michelle Belle.. no more America holdin’ you down..
Michelle Belle.. national calorie intake is down 🙂
Michelle Belle.. gonna party with celebrities tonight..
Michelle Belle.. enjoyin’ your McNuggets out of sight… 🙂



From → Guitargod, Humor

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