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The Media Fought Clint and Clint (and Romney) Won

by on September 8, 2012

Our last remaining American icon has every right to be proud of how effective his now legendary appearance before the Republican convention has proven itself to be. First off, he made a complete fool of the elite media that spent the better part of four days running around like old, humorless, spinster hens clucking with phony well-I-never! indignation over Clint daring to mock The One.

Secondly, that mockery penetrated, drew blood, and is still drawing blood.

Thanks to Eastwood’s hilarious and unforgettable stagecraft with an empty chair standing in for President Obama, overnight, Obama went from being an empty suit to, yes, an empty chair. So perfect was this piece of theatre that earlier this week there was a successful Empty Chair Day organized by the grassroots in New Media and, throughout the remaining days of this election, the specter of the “empty chair” will be synonymous with America’s deflating enthusiasm for Obama and his inability to command the crowds he once did.

Today, Eastwood doubled down on how awesome he is by granting his first post-convention interview — not to Diane Sawyer, not to “The Today Show, not to “60 Minutes” — but to his hometown newspaper, “The Carmel Pine Cone.”

What a snub to the corrupt media. Just when you think you can’t love this man any more, right?

Here are some highlights:



  1. guitargod permalink

    “They fought the Law & the Law one.. they fought the law & the law Won!” dadadadant! dadadadant!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    We need Clint Eastwood Appreciation Day! I’ll be first in line to see his new movie “Trouble with the Curve” which opens on September 21.

    Also, President Romney should appoint him as Secretary of Fine Arts in his new administration.

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