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Deadline passes: Akin defies calls to drop out

by on August 22, 2012

I heard the Congressman Akin’s  interview with Sean Hannity on the Hannity radio program today.  Akin’s selfish and defiant attitude fly in the face of his reasons given for staying in the race at this time.  Akin’s statement that Gov. Romney should mind his own business hurts the GOP as a party that is fractured, unable to come together and unite as a party.   Hannity was right on in telling the Congressman that the media is not fair — while Akin’s “gaffe” would have been given a pass by the media if he were a democrat, the republicans are unfairly held to a different standard and a simple apology will never work.  This issue will undoubtedly continue to drag down the entire GOP as another distraction played up unfairly by the media  right up until election day.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    The problem is though that the lamestream media won’t move on. That’s all they want to talk about. The man is being too stubborn for any good to come of it. He’s not the only pro-life candidate. He needs to step aside and move on so everyone else can too. He’s dragging us all down with him and accomplishing nothing but more and more damage.

  2. guitargod permalink

    the main thing here is that they immediately addressed it and cut him loose.. from here on out whenever it comes up, simply pt to this action and move on.. no distraction need apply.

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