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by on August 20, 2012

(music by The Charlie Daniels Band)

Obama Trashes Trump: ' Has 'Mommy Issues'... - Page 2

Obama went down to DC, he was lookin’ for a nation’s soul to steal,
He was one of a kind in his own mind, a commie-lib with mainstream appeal.
When he came across this hockey-mom citin’ the Constitution and lookin’ hot,
Barry jumped up on a campaign stump, and said “folks let me tell you what.”

I guess you didn’t know it, but I’m a community organizer too,
And if you’d care to take my dare, I’ll give free things to you.
Now John McCain’s a war hero, but give Barack his due,
I bet my hopeychange against your McLame, that if I win America’s through!
A man said my name’s Joe-the-plumber and it might be a sin,
If you take my wealth and spread it to someone else, then try & tell me that’s a win?!

Tea Party risin’ up says NO! and Fox News reportin’ hard,
Cause liberals are loose in DC, and the Dems hold all the cards.
And if they win Pelosi will bang her gavel made of gold,
And Harry Reid will sell the Senate’s soul…

Obama fired up his teleprompter and he said “I’ll start this show,”
And lies spewed from his smilin’ lips as he blamed us with low blows.
And he apologized around the globe and the Tea Party made an evil hiss,
Then a band of czars joined in, and the media spun it somethin’ like this…
When 2010 was finished, Boehner said “well let’s put the brakes on ol’ son,”
And sit down in that chair right there and let the GOP show you how it’s done!

Fire in the primary, run candidates run…
Bitter-clingers in the house with their bibles & guns…
Michelle’s in the bread pan, deep fryin’ dough…
Granny’s in the west wing, no nursing home no…

Obama bowed his head because he knew that he’d been beat,
And he unplugged his trusty teleprompter and bagged his golf clubs in defeat.
Mitt said, “Obama don’t come on back if you ever think about what could’ve been,”
“I done told you once you SON-OF-A-BITCH, the USA is the best that’s ever been!!

Biden Declared War on Half of America in a Dark, Threatening Prime-Time ...

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