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“Barack’s Wasteland”

by on August 18, 2012

“Barack’s Wasteland”
(music by The WHO)

Out here in the field..
“We Built” what we yield..
We took a risk to make our living..
We don’t appreciate your slight..
You’re gonna feel our entrepreneurial might..
Come November you won’t be forgiven..

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

Don’t buy…..
Don’t praise his lies…..
It’s only Barack’s Wasteland 😦

Don’t ya take his hand..
Welfare & dependence spikin’ across the land..
We gotta put out this fire..
More Obama debt we cannot shoulder..

The jobs exodus is here..
Chinese dominance is near! 😦
But Paul’s bringin’ us together..
And Mitt is lookin’ much bolder.. oh yeah!

Barack’s Wasteland…
It’s only Barack’s wasteland…
Barack’s Wasteland, oh yeah!
Barack’s Wasteland……….

Barry’s wasted!!!

From → Guitargod, Humor

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