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by on August 16, 2012

Joe Biden is now presenting himself as a Nascar type. In Stuart, Va. for a campaign stop, Mensa Joe learned that one of the patrons of the Coffee Break Cafe, Glen Wood, was the owner of the car that won the Daytona 500 in 2011. Entering the café, Biden told a photographer to “Get out of the way, man” so he could approach Wood.

Biden then held court, bloviating, “I heard somebody in here won the Daytona!” Having secured the crowd’s attention, Mensa Joe continued, “This guy did what I dreamed of, man. I’d trade being vice-president in a heartbeat for having won Daytona.”

Nascar fans around the world must be puking. Nascar types hate horsepuckey more than they hate metrosexuals driving Priuses, and the idea of Biden voluntarily relinquishing his post as vice-president for anything less than a million dollar hairpiece is ludicrous.

Nascar fans generally want the government to leave them the hell alone, too, which makes for some distance between them and anything that Mensa Joe says. But considering that the Democrats are desperately trying to reach constituencies that they have traditionally disparaged, what will Mensa Joe pretend to be if his boss sends him to court the military?

  1. What a clown. His wife must be so embarrassed.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Keep em coming, Joe
    Keep talking!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    ascar Joe should fulfill his dreams, He could get Government Motors as a sponsor and race with a Chevy Volt! Actually: I think the politicians should just leave Nascar alone.

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