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Paul Ryan and the Poor

by on August 15, 2012

Paul Ryan on solutions that stand in solidarity with the poor

At 25:00…

“Let’s go back to our roots, see what made our country great, look at those awesome principles that founded this country, liberty, freedom, free enterprise, self determination, government by consent of the governed, local involvement and control, and let’s try to reapply those so we can get back to the idea of America. Our rights come from nature and God, not from government — they come before government. The role of government, at least it has been until now, has been to promote equal opportunity so we can make the most of our lives and pursue happiness however we define it for ourselves so long as we’re not infringing on another person’s right to do the same. The role of government should not be moved towards trying to equalize the result of our lives. If you believe in equal outcomes versus equal opportunities, then you’d have to have a much larger government. The problem is you end up running out of other people’s money to spend and you have a debt crisis. That’s what we want to avoid. ” …

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    This guy is brilliant, and since it comes from the heart, the LSM isn’t going to be able to trip him up in any gotcha moments. He’s the real deal.

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