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New Bill of Rights?

by on July 23, 2012

Liberals believe the Consititution and Bill of Rights are ‘living’ documents which must be altered to reflect the times. We know that those documents are built upon everlasting alues and principles which transcend time and tye winds of change. However, we must be vigilant to protect our Liberty from would be saboteurs. Vote the bums out!

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  1. Mitt Romney is quoted as saying, …”The one thing that the liberals who believe in this “progressive living, breathing document” approach to the Constitution are UNWILLING to EVER describe is WHO is it that decides which direction they take the Constitution? They want to depart from it — well WHO gets to decide in what direction they go? They think it’s THEMSELVES and that THEY are the cultural barometers of the nation, and simply that’s wrong.” …

    Of course, he’s 100% correct in this statement.

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