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by on July 22, 2012

(music by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)

She’s a good girl, loves Obama..
Thinks he’s Jesus, savin’ America too..
Julia’s a good girl, crazy ’bout veggies..
Loves Head Start & stayin’ on her parent’s insurance too…….

It’s a sad day 😦 more disability than employment..
Barack’s “free ways,” won’t get us very far..
And Mitt’s a bad boy, cause he’d cut all these handouts..
He’s a bad boy, another evil Republican at heart……..

We ain’t free… Julia’s Free Fallin’…
No we’re not free… in Obama’s America she’s crawlin’ …

All the obamazombies, chantin’ at the rally..
Still hopey for the best down, on foreclosure boulevard..
And all the bad GOP boys, are stranded in the shadows..
While good girl Pelosi in her House, watches our country fall apart…..

Cause we’re less free… America’s Free Fallin’…
Yeah less free… Lady Liberty’s Free Fallin’…

I wanna glide down, over our Heartland..
I wanna write in bold colors, Reagan’s name in the sky..
I want all the Dems to free fall, out into nothin’..
And Harry Reid to leave, this world for awhile..

Yeah America’s less free.. the USA is Free Fallin’…
Yeah under Obama less free… He’s got us Free Fallin’!……….

From → Guitargod, Humor

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