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Why Are People Surprised that Romney Talked to the NAACP as “AMERICANS”?

by on July 13, 2012

Kira Davis is an actress, blogger, mother wife, black and conservative. She has a few words for the NAACP and Rep. Clever, who said Mitt Romney shouldn’t have criticized ObamaCare during his address to the NAACP Convention yesterday and that he wasn’t sure who was advising Romney from the “African-American perspective.”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that white people needed advisers before they address black people.”

“Heaven forbid Mitt Romney go into a room full of black people and address them as…Americans!”

“I’m just checking because I thought the NAACP was dedicated to fighting racism, not perpetuating it.”

  1. The NAALCP needs advising from the American perspective. Time to put aside the black person lens and see things from a colorless point of view. But I understand- if the NAALCP actually tried to help blacks become self reliant, they’d be out of a job

  2. Anonymous permalink

    boom shakalaka!

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