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“2 OUT OF 3, I’M GLAD”

by on July 1, 2012

“2 OUT OF 3, I’M GLAD”
(music by Meat Loaf)

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Roberts you can rationalize all night..
But your rulings ain’t constitutional nowhere..
The States told you everything they possibly can..
There’s nothing left inside but anger & fear..

And Roberts you can proclaim you’re right..
But that’ll never change the way we feel..
Your anti-Liberty decisions are really piling up outside..
We wish you would’ve just ended it here…

Pelosi poured it on but we spit it out..
States sued to show how unconstitutional was obamacare..
Because of your uninspired words, we’ll never be too hoarse to shout!
But this is cold and you got it so wrong..
Patriots are crying icicles instead of tears..

And all Obama can do, is keep on telling you:
I want you, (I’ll taunt you)..
I need you, (I’ll squeeze you)..
and there ain’t no way I’ll ever not out maneuver you..
Now don’t be sad 😦 don’t be sad..
Cause 2 out of 3 ain’t bad..
The TeaParty’s mad.. yes they’re mad..
But with 2 out of 3 I’m glad… 🙂

You’ll never convince us, Arizona cops overreached..
They never proved discrimination, on Sheriff Joe’s streets..
We know you were lookin’ for a way your court wouldn’t get mocked..
But it ain’t your job to police Lib thrills..
What about protecting our Constitution from gettin’ rocked!

Why lie? why tell us something we all know that it’s not?
No matter how you try.. you’ll never be able to sell us something..
Something we know is rot!

There’s only one country that we will ever love..
Founded so many years ago..
Now we know in November we’ll have to drive a stake through obamacare’s heart..
And then we’ll never go back..
And we’ll remember how you screwed us on that summer morning..
You shocked us, and left us for dead..
And though attorneys had pleaded & begged you not to close that door..
You packed your bags and turned right away..

And all Obama could do…
He kept on telling you..
He kept on telling you..
He kept.. on.. telling you:
I wanted you.. (I taunted you)
I needed you.. (I squeezed you)
There ain’t no way I’ll ever not out maneuver you..
Now don’t be sad 😦 don’t be sad..
Cause 2 out of 3 ain’t bad..
Tea Party’s mad.. of course they’re mad..
But with 2 out of 3 I’M GLAD 🙂

AP President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address on ...

BO has a Full Coverage ‘SCOTUS-CARE PLAN’ 🙂

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