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Class vs ass

by on May 23, 2012

Crystal clear difference


  1. Purveyor permalink

    Rising up! Back on the street, did my time, took my chances…

    • guitargod permalink

      Ratchin’ it up – back on my streets – did one terms time, like my reelect chances…. FUBO!!!!!!

      • guitargod permalink

        Eye of the LIAR! Dems…. Eye of the Tiger! Repubs….

  2. guitargod permalink

    so how did the USA get it so F’in wrong! and why now after 4 pathetic yrs is he still a threat? we will always have to deal w/ radical Statists but they should be exiled to the fringe – not mainstream! i blame Bush & McCain for not getting out in front forcefully bastards! i blame Palin for not running again! i blame Romney for relentlessly attacking Newt & Santorum w/ his $$$$ and now saying he repudiates exposure of Rev Wright & ObamaCon WTF!!! he better step up bigtime and win this thing…… we need unapologetic – charismatic – wise and unrelenting traditional conservative leadership ala Reagan to lead us out of this mess – nothing else will do – thank God for the TeaParty or we’d be long ago screwed! wake up America! GG is more focused on the Congress and young guns like Rubio Ryan and other severely limiting Gov TP candidates – they are the future and dont fight w/ one hand tied behind back… “eye of the tiger” patriots!

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