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The ‘Tolerant’ Bully – Gay Activists have Hijacked the Bullying Platform

by on May 3, 2012

This guy is a hate-filled anti-heterosexual bigot pushing the gay-activist agenda of homosexual indoctrination of young teens.   These so-called “tolerant” liberals are the most hate-filled, intolerant bigots themselves. 

The ‘Tolerant’ Bully:

They used to arrest middle-aged perverts who get their jollies from talking dirty to children. Today, they get a television show, a nationally syndicated column, a lecture circuit and multiple visits to the Obama White House.  You know: “Forward.”  Creepy stuff.

No, Dan Savage has finally managed to publicly discredit himself as the anti-Christian bigot and bully he’s always been. Never again will this guy be taken seriously as an anti-bullying crusader.  …   Well, recently, rather than just shocking his teenaged audience with vulgar, sophomoric psychobabble as usual, Savage apparently thought it’d be fun to bully the kids with whom he disagreed.  …

But when a hundred or more kids got up and began to walk out on Dan Savage’s anti-Christian rant, the 47-year-old tough guy turned his hostility toward them. “It’s funny to someone who is on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible how pansya–ed people react when you push back,” he mocked. Some of the young girls were seen leaving in tears.

“It took a real dark, hostile turn, certainly, as I saw it,” teacher Rick Tuttle told CNN. “It became very hostile toward Christianity, to the point that many students did walk out, including some of my students.  “They felt that they were attacked … a very pointed, direct attack on one particular group of students. It’s amazing that we go to an anti-bullying speech and one group of students is picked on in particular, with harsh, profane language.”

Dan Savage’s primary claim to fame is that he formed the website “,” to create a “Google bomb” that would smear the good name of former senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum. On the site he redefined the senator’s last name, Santorum, using language so vile and repulsive that I won’t repeat it. When Christian advocate and Americans for Truth founder Peter LaBarbera asked Dan Savage to take down the website, Savage responded, “I’m asking Peter LaBarbera to go f–k himself.” …

Yep, this deviant troglodyte is the face of the left’s anti-bullying efforts. I’ve often said that those wonderfully “tolerant” liberals – the self-styled opponents of “hate” and “bigotry” – are the most intolerant, hateful bigots among us.  Thanks for proving my point, Dan.

Another excellent article speaking to the fact that gay activists have hijacked the bullying platform.

Bullying is OK Only When Pushing a Gay Agenda:

They have chosen an issue with which no one could possibly disagree — that bullying is a horrible, hurtful epidemic among young people — to implicate religion (specifically, fundamentalist Christianity) as a root cause of homophobic, aggressive behavior.

It’s all part and parcel of the movement to secularize our society while at the same time, remove, once and for all, any moral boundaries to human sexuality. Central to this goal is undermining the role of parents and churches to impart moral values.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    And this was at a national journalism convention! These students were hijacked by intolerant liberal activists (including teachers and sponsors of this event who approved this) in trying to indoctrinate young minds into becoming intolerant activists of the future. STUDENTS NEED TO JUST SAY NO! Kudos to those who walked out and were bullied for it — wear it as a badge of honor!

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