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Obama’s Foreign Policy Doctrine as Described by Expert

by on April 27, 2012

On the Greta Van Susteren show, April 26, 2012, United States former UN Ambassador John Bolton described Obama’s foreign policy as, “confused and incoherent and incompetent.”   He went on to say that Mitt Romney believes in a foreign policy doctrine of “peace through strength and that a strong America is less likely to face challenges than a weak America.”  He continued,  “Obama has a very different view.  He’s obviously comfortable with American decline; he doesn’t see international problems and threats as being nearly as serious as they are in the terrorism area, the proliferation area, and others; and he’s presiding over a hollowing-out of the American military, which will have significant downsides for us in the years to come.”

One Comment
  1. Direct and impactful analysis by Bolton. Obama’s all too happy presiding over American decline. It’s quite disturbing. Romney’s peace through strength approach is comforting

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