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Bias in the Media is Not Trivial

by on April 26, 2012

Bernard Goldberg explains on Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor,  April 23, 2012, why media bias DOES matter (see the 4-minute-mark).

In talking about media bias, there are organizations who are not in business to inform anymore, they’re just pushing their agenda.  Washington Post blogger, Erik Wemple, wondered why, since nobody trusts the media anymore, they won’t have much of an affect on the election, and so if the impact of media bias is so trivial, why do O’Reilly and Goldberg  “harp” on it each week?

So Bernie astutely proceeded to explain to Erik Wemple, and everyone else, why media bias DOES matter…

“Media bias does matter, not because it affects an election, but because we all know that you can’t live in a free country without a free press, we all know that.  But do you know what else?  You can’t live in a free country for long without a FAIR press.  We need a strong mainstream media.  That’s why you and I criticize it.  Because we know we need in a free country a strong mainstream media, and that means when the media sounds the alarm about something, when they tell us there’s a problem out there, we need to trust them, we need to believe them.  If we don’t believe them, we’re not going to pay attention when they sound the alarm.  The Founding Fathers gave the media alot of power, and they put it in the First Amendment–not the Eighth Amendment or the Thirteenth Amendment–the First Amendment, and they put no restraints on that power.   When you have that much power, you have alot of responsibility.  So, Erik Wemple of the Washington Post, you ought to know this but since you don’t, let’s just make clear, it’s not about whether the media affects the next election or not, that’s not what we’re talking about, we’re talking about in a free country, you need a free, FAIR, and honest media, and that’s why we talk about it each week.”  And we don’t have that right now.

Here’s why media bias is important, even though it may not affect the next – or the last, or possibly any – presidential election:  In a free country we have to have a free press.  Everybody knows that.  But you can’t have a free country forever if you don’t also have a fair press.

In a free country, people depend on the media for their information about government and other powerful institutions.  If the press sounds the alarm about some danger, people have to pay attention.  But if they have lost confidence in the press – because of its biases – then there’s a good chance we’ll ignore the warning.  And that could be dangerous.

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