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Hope-n-Change becomes Cope-n-Blame

by on April 17, 2012
nearly 4 yrs down the “hopeychangey highway” the chevyVolt is now almost completely buried in the ditch w/ the keys locked in the trunk (gas tank on E too – not that it really matters)

Obama and the Arpège Gambit –

American Thinker

  1. guitargod permalink

    you are right my fellow patriot! stay vigilant and continue the warning so the silent masses continue to awaken and restore the light of Liberty in Nov………
    keep on Rockin’ in the free world….

  2. Anonymous permalink

    The welfare bums and disability scammers (some disability payments are legit—- but there is a huge scam going on, especially in workman’s compensation) are going to vote (D) this coming November. But more and more of the rest of us who support those bums are not going to vote for the Kenyan Keynesian model of destroying the American economy. A landslide will bury The Kenyan and his Huffy Wife before they get to take a second Inaugural vacation and host a second Inaugural Month partay in the White House. Back to Chicago they will go to grift and lift cash off their adoring fans before heading off to Turtle Bay in New York as the King and Queen of the Perverted UN. King and Queen of the Tyrant Core of the Once Free World. I can hear it now “Vlad! Vlad! I told you I wood have moh flexability after my last ellection. Hold that thought. I must be off with Shelly to Cartagena. I promised them, Vlad. You can understand. heh heh heh.
    What a rat.

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