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Operation Hot Mic

by on March 30, 2012

Obama as a Russian double-agent?  Karl Rove-linked group releases controversial ad.

In a James Bond-style montage mocking the Democrat’s open-mic gaffe this week, a Karl Rove-linked independent group released a new video on Friday painting President Barack Obama as a double agent for Russia out to weaken America’s national security.

  1. guitargod permalink

    double 07 agent ? yes maybe – he is married to 50K lingerie mcchelle – “for your eyes only” 😦

  2. Anonymous permalink

    This isn’t a joke.. As for Obama being a double agent.. I disagree with that as well. It takes a high level of intelligence to succeed at that level. Obama doesn’t have that. What he is though… is a traitor. He is subservient to state enemies, willing to share military secrets and developing evidence is showing he and/or his staff with his blessing is deliberately leaking defense secrets of close allies. He is willingly sinking this nation to a level of debt we will not be able to recover from and continues to spend instead of across the board cuts. He ignores the Constitution and refuses to follow the guidelines laid out in the document that this country was founded on. He should be charged and tried as a traitor.

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