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Shocker: Romney Partnered With Obama Climate Adviser And Supported Cap And Trade As Governor

by on March 20, 2012
THE-TRUTH-HURTS (MittMcCain-Files)
Shocker: Romney Partnered With Obama Climate Adviser And Supported Cap And Trade As Governor


  1. guitargod permalink

    i wont dignify that w/ an answer but NOOOOO!!!!! but i’m thinkin all this mitt mush & push is setting O up for victory as mitt by far gives O the best shot at reelection – all you mittmites better step back & take a long hard look at what guitargod and others who support Rick & Newt are laying out for ya’all – i think you got serious blinders on and have drank the media mitt koolaid waaaaay toooo easily!!!! fair warning patroits……..

  2. Anonymous permalink

    You’d rather have Obama back for another 4??

  3. guitargod permalink

    hmmmm how quick we are to annoint another loser – oh yeah he already lost once in 08! so why would we want to nom the loser to the loser this time?? to lose again! check out some opp research on mittens climate change – obamaneycare and zero foreign policy exp!!! lets not get lazy now – we aint dems & we dont “annoint” – our guy has to earn it – Rick is EARNING it!!!!!!!! give him alittle credit and support & hold mitt accountable for his past !

  4. Yep, let’s all get on the Mitt bus and put the Dems in our crosshairs!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I think we need to stop trashing our own candidates. Any one of these contenders would make a fine President .. certainly 1,000% better than the Buffoon currently in the White House! I think this primary process is doing all the Democratics’ work for them: after our candidate is selected, they’ll have all the fodder they need to trash that person since we’re all putting it out there for them!!

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