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Romney: Obama ‘IN PART’ to blame for gas prices

by on March 9, 2012
here we go – Moderates DON’T win elections!!!!! i hope that is starting to resonate in mittmite-nation! – he says he will not go after obama aggressively last week – now he’s not FULLY & effectively pinning gas prices on obamacon – this is playing right into the narrative that obamacon has done all he can do…. why would mitt not attack and highlight the pipeline & drilling negates as well as all other obstacles obamacon has put up – Why the “IN PART” half ass rhetoric!? why would mitt not take this opportunity to run &ram w/!!!! why?? because he’s a moderate w/ a moderate gameplan and McLame is a teamate that’s why! we aint gonna win w/ this mushhead period! so gel the hair & learn the southern drawl mittens cuz you inspire conserv’s about as much as one of your negative obamalike ads!

Romney: Obama ‘in part’ to blame for gas prices

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  1. guitargod permalink

    this campaign cycle Me-First Lady Moochelle Obama is proud for a second time in her adult life – she is proud of the support of her husband’s reelect from candidate Mitt McCain 🙂 from healthcare to energy to jobs she sends out a big mushy thx!

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