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Md. May Divert Some Money From Mortgage Settlement « CBS Baltimore

by on February 28, 2012

More evidence politicians of all walks cannot be trusted…

For some consumer advocates, the diversion is reminiscent of the 1998 tobacco settlement in which states spent billions on projects that had nothing to do with curbing smoking.

“We shouldn’t be in the position of taking money that is intended to help consumers and their mortgage tribulations and putting that to another purpose,” said Joan Bray, a former Democratic Missouri senator who now is chairwoman of the Consumers Council of Missouri.

States that use the onetime payout for immediate expenses may also face the question of what to do next year when the money is used up. But officials in struggling states say they must deal with the most immediate problems first.

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  2. 14allnall41 permalink

    This settlement is a scam and an outrage! Community organizing groups like Acorn will get money from this settlement:

    • This is very true. Deval Patrick tried to operate in this herpse as well in 2006. Granted, it wasn’t to this extent. The Internet allows grass roots campaigns to extend their reach well beyond what was previously possible.It would serve Obama well to continue his new media marketing throughout his first term. Much like Patrick, he is inheriting a wicked mess, which will not be fixed in 4 years. Much of the work needing to be done in the first 1 or 2 years will be laying a foundation, which will seem like not a lot is happening to the outside observer inside baseball stuff. New media is a great tool for transparency, something government has lacked and desperately needs. He has a direct connection to citizens without the filter of the media. He must use it keep people engaged especially those who might think politics only happens every 4 years.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    All states will be watching Maryland on this, and if Maryland passes it, it’s just a matter of time before other states decide to go after this mortgage interest deduction, as well.

    It’s fast approaching the point where homes cannot, and should not, be viewed as investments, but instead places to live, thereby making it much more financially savvy to rent rather than own.

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