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State Media Says Iran Will Cut Oil to 6 European Nations

by on February 15, 2012

Does anyone see this working out for the benefit of the Iranian people? It’s pretty obvious there is a sinister agenda in play by the Islamofascist leaders for a variety of reasons (increase their own political clout, reduce clout of Israel, induce war with Israel, etc). The Iranian people are probably just like you and me but caught in the tidal wave of tyranny. Would hate to see them affected by radioactivity for generations to come if their government’s actions result in military strikes against the Iranian reactors. People everywhere deserve Liberty and the Iranian people are the true victims in this situation.

The Iranian response had been expected since late January when the European Union agreed to impose a phased ban on oil purchases from Iran that officials said was needed to help force a shift in policy and avert the risk of military strikes against Tehran.

Under the embargo, European Union countries will not sign new oil contracts with Iran and will end existing ones by July 1. The ban will cover imports of crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemical products. It will also cover the export of major equipment and technology for the sector. The European market accounts for about a fifth of Iran’s oil exports.

The timing of the two announcements reflected the pressures on Tehran as it seeks to pursue its nuclear program in the face of ever tightening economic penalties.

The new uranium enrichment plant, known as Fordo, has raised Western concerns because it is buried deep underground, making it more impervious to scrutiny. The Fordo plant also has elevated distrust of Iran because the plant’s construction had been kept a secret until Western intelligence confirmation of its existence forced the Iranians to acknowledge the plant in September 2009, just as President Obama and European allies were announcing it. The Iranians said at the time that they had always intended to reveal the plant’s existence.

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