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Are We Losing Freedom in America?

by on February 10, 2012

Solid points by O’Reilly

So let’s take it step-by-step. First of all, President Obama believes in social justice. That the federal government has a duty to impose fairness in the marketplace and to redistribute income to folks who don’t have very much. That is a core belief for Barack Obama.

Now, whenever you impose anything, there is an intrusion. You are being told what to do. And that is why the Supreme Court is hearing the Obama care controversy; at issue is the government attempting to control the health care industry. What’s covered, what’s paid out, what’s purchased. If Obama care stands, your freedom in the health care area is much less than it used to be. The upside, about 40 million Americans will get health care, much of it is subsidized by the taxpayer.
On the energy front, the Obama Administration wants alternative energy to take the place of oil and other fossil fuels. So far the feds have invested more than $90 billion taxpayer dollars in green research. Some of it totally down the drain like the Solyndra situation.

Also, oil production is being discouraged in America. Hard to get drilling permits and the oil pipeline from Canada has been shut down by the Obama Administration. The result, gas prices have increased 90 percent on Mr. Obama’s watch. That means how you drive your car, heat your home, and live day-to-day is now being impacted by the federal government. They want you to use energy their way.

And finally the birth control situation. The founding fathers wanted the government to stay out of religion. Not impose it, but not interfere with it either.

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