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“American Majority” NASCAR

by on February 9, 2012

Wonder if McChelle Blowbama will be dropping by pit row for some McRibs and french fries with the guys?

The campaign, which will cost in the “seven-figure range,” will not overtly advocate for a specific candidate or party — as a nonprofit educational organization, it can’t — instead urging race fans to vote against big government, increased taxes and expanded national debt, American Majority President Ned Ryun said.

The No. 81 car will be painted red, white and blue and feature the slogan “pledge to vote” and “keep America free” on its side. The words “American Majority Racing” will sit on the car’s hood.

“NASCAR fans are very patriotic, very excited about America and tend to have more conservative values, so it makes a lot more sense to start our effort here than with another sport — it’s a smart fit,” Ryun said.

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  1. Mitt for President! 🙂

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