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Mitt Romney Sings ‘America The Beautiful’ to Florida Voters, Christian News

by on February 1, 2012

Well, this might be taking things a little too far! Good song though. Should get more playtime. Local country music station whete I am plays the Star Spangled Banner everyday at noon which is cool!

Mitt Romney’s latest serenade— a rendition of “America The Beautiful” sung with Florida voters— may have been the official kickoff to the “sing-off” elections of 2012.

Although it is still unclear which candidate would win in an election between Romney and our incumbent president, voters may be weighing in on a sing-off between Obama and the formerMassachusetts Governor.

The battle between political American culture and traditional pop culture came to a head when a confident Romney decided to sing to Floridians the night before the state’s primary. The former CEO crooned to voters, hoping to win over the support he needs to capture the delegates, and eventually, the presidency.

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