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Park Service says it will begin enforcin g ‘no-camping’ law f or Occupy D.C. prote sters at McPherson S quare

by on January 26, 2012

So I guess the message is- go ahead and break the law and enforcement will come about 5 months later?

‘The protesters have come under fire in recent days for health and safety concerns after the District’s health director said the rat population was “exploding” in the area and an infant was found abandoned in a tent.

‘Republicans on the subcommittee often seemed exasperated as they pressed the Park Service for its legal reasoning allowing the protesters to stay in violation of its own no-camping regulations. The Park Service has said decades of case law supports protesters’ right to operate a 24-hour vigil on parkland; Republicans cited a Supreme Court opinion that says protesters can stay — but not sleep — in public parks.’

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