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Newt’s Right: We Should Build A Permanent Moon Base – Forbes

by on January 26, 2012

This is about the DUMBEST thing I’ve heard a candidate say. Promising a moonbase to get votes? C’mon! Whatever happened to smaller government, lower taxes, debt reduction, etc. If there’s such a strong outpouring of support for extended space operations, let it coalesce in the private sector. Let space tourism expand from space flight to lunar mining, condos, amusement parks, whatever. No taxpayer money please! EE

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  1. guitargod permalink

    i believe he said he wants to promote in a way that encourages private industry to champion and motivate our youth to dream and challenge themselves w/ their education & pursuits – sounds like much in the vein of Kennedy & Reagan. c’mom EE dream & inspire BIIIIGGG!!!!!!

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