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The Perfect Political Ad

by on January 25, 2012

Yes, Mitt Romney SHOULD run this ad!

  1. guitargod permalink

    haha talk about bias! theres 2 other ads at American Spectator that are worth a read (if you want to actually learn something!) – this ad/article is a greeeeeaaat example of mitts weakness & hypocrisy! weak in the sense that it’s dishonest & unfair toward Newt & hypocritical because it attacks CAPITALISM!!! (the very issue mittens been wipin his tears up over) – Newt’s free market is attacked: book sales, consulting work, and private company PROFIT earned! whoa WTFs up w/ that mightymarketmitt?? Lies & unfair distortions w/ claims of lobbying, influence peddling, and a link w/ convicted felon jackabramoff! haha this is “rich” mitt 🙂 in the end of course Newt broke no laws & has every right to draw from his life experience of 40 yrs serving the public to earn as much Fin $$$ as he possibly can! aint that right ? Mitt? aint that what you were doin? thought so Ace. oh yeah newt did give advice to Congress once to NOT give $$$ to freddiemac – too bad they didnt listen cuz we know what happened – too bad though all those companies you gave advice to & went belly up “did” listen to you 😦 but you of course walked away w/ investment & then some huh……. ps check out the 2 “other articles on Newt for some actual accounting of a great American. Keep On Rockin’ in the Free World!

  2. Definitely something to be said for boldness. He could really run with his wealth earning as an advantage. We need a role model to follow. A role model who demonstrates how to earn wealth is preferred over a government program builder!

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