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“TRUTH HURTS”😖 but it’s still the truth😉

by on December 9, 2022

“TRUTH HURTS”😖 but it’s still the truth😉

(music by Nazareth)


Truth hurts😩… (TRUMP WON!)😉

Truth scars😪… (Tara Reade sexual assault)

Truth wounds😵… (13 service members & thousands of Afghans killed)🏳️

& marks (most ILLEGAL immigration)…

Evil hearts👹… (J6 political persecution)

Not tough… (China cave)😍🇨🇳

Or strong, enough… (open border, defund police)

They take a lot of gain… (Trump historic growth, economy, security etc)

Flush it down the drain💩… (Swamp Losers)🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

Truth is like a cloud…

Holds a lot of rain😢 (like massive numbers of bogus mail-in ballots📬🗳, or an Adumb Kinzinger gusher😭…

Truth Hurts😤… (just ask Liz Cheney or the Russia Russia Russia🤡)

Ooh, ooh, truth hurts😖…


I’m young (& indoctrinated)😜…

I know (I was “assigned” a girl, but I’m really a boy)🙃…

(so there) Don’t even, go… (misgender me and I’ll have your ass cancelled)😠

I know a thing (Climate Change Armageddon)🌎☄️

Or two (we only have 12 yrs left to live on this planet!)🌏💥

I learned, in school… (from all my loon teachers)🤪

I really learned a lot… (that I’m a White Oppressor)😠

I really learned a lot… (that ‘Christmas Classics’ are really fodder for white supremists)😡

Truth is like a flame🔥…

It burns you like a suppressed Hunter laptop🤫

Truth hurts… (ask the ‘Big Guy’ aka Quid Pro Joe)🤑

Ooh, ooh, Truth Hurts… (Kamala’s pronouns are not: It’s/My/Turn/Next🤪

Some fools think they’re geniuses… (AhOleC)🤪

Recklessness… (OBAMAGATE)😒

Crookedness (see Crooked Hillary & Crooked Katie Hobbs)🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️

Some fools fool themselves, make mess… (see supply chains)🍼😓

They just rule with glee (or with tube feed – see Fetterman)🤤

😫I know it isn’t true… (TRUMP WON!)

😩I know it isn’t true… (American Exceptionalism)

Truth is just a lie…

Made by ‘MAGA rubes’….

Truth hurts😣… (2000 Mules / massive election fraud ‘20 & ‘22)

Ooh, ooh, truth hurts😖… (Nancy & Pauly are degenerate parasites🥂🔨)

Ooh, ooh, truth hurts🥺… (Loser Liz Cheney & Adam Shifty Schiff are power abusing traitors💩💩)


😫I know it isn’t true… (there are only 2 genders)

😩I know it isn’t true… (Joe Biden is a corrupt & perverted parasitic politician on his best day)🤤🍦

Truth is just a lie…

Made by ‘MAGA rubes’…

Truth hurts😖… (southern border is national security threat)

Ooh, ooh, truth hurts😣… (we are now energy DEPENDENT)

Ooh, ooh, truth hurts😥… (Kari Lake WON!👍 Fetterman didn’t win, and he’s as stable as Brandon on a windy staircase😵‍💫)

Ooh, ooh…..🤯

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