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“I DID THAT”👉💩 #TheUltraSUCKAKing

by on May 29, 2022

“I DID THAT”👉💩 #TheUltraSUCKAKing

(music by AC⚡️DC)


I Did That!👉..

Turned to crap!💩..

Didn’t take long, soon ten dollar gas🤑👍..

Yeah I’m, gettin’ loose!..

From Constitutional noose!..

The WHO’ll soon be hangin’ around🦠🌏😉..

I keep tryin’ to deny..

But baby formula’s run dry🍼😫..

Forget the polls, ‘cause they’ll never rise😣..

I got, inflation high..

Crisis maximize..

Usin’ every one of ‘em & blamin’ vile (ULtRa MaGA’s)😏

‘Cause yeah i🤤…

Yes ah i😴…

Well um i😷…

Yes ah i💨😵‍💫…

Well um, i….. i…..

i….. i…..

Well um, i diD tHAt🤪…

Yes, I DID THAT!👉💩

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