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“LOVE ME 3X”🥰#MAGAKisses💋

by on April 14, 2022

”LOVE ME 3X”🥰#MAGAKisses💋

(music by The Doors)

“Ever wonder why the Dems never call for an audit to confirm & prove Faux Joe’s 81 million votes?”🤔…


Love me three times, country (‘16😘’20😘’24😘)

Love me thrice (MAGA Kisses) all day💋…

Love me three times, patriots,

MAGA not goin’ away…

Love me three times,

One for tomorrow (2024),

One just for today (2020 investigate, audit, decertify, prosecute post 2022 landslide)

Love me 3X🥰

MAGA not goin’ away!…

Love me one time (2016)😍

Could just shriek😱 (Crooked Hillary & her Snowflakes)😫😭🤯

Love me one time,

Yeah, her knees a gotta weak (collapsed on sidewalk & lost shoe)😵‍💫🥿

Love me two times (2020)😍😍

Joe sleeps (campaigned from basement bunk)🛌

All through the weeks… (while his mules stuffed the drop boxes with bogus ballots)

Loved me two times (2020 was Landslide Trump most LEGAL votes in history!)💪😉🇺🇸

MAGA not goin’ away!…

Love me 3X🥰

MAGA not goin’ away!…

All right, yeah!🇺🇸👍

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