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“SHaTteREd” #LeftInTatters😢😩😤🤯

by on April 13, 2022

”SHaTteREd” #LeftInTatters😢😩😤🤯

(music by The Rolling Stones)

TRUMP 2020 2nd-Term Legacy:

Shattered/Exposed Leftist Hoaxes –

‘Jan 6’, ‘Russia Russia Russia’, ‘Ukraine phone call impeachment’, Kavanaugh accusers, BKM Race bait, Gender abuse, Climate Con, China Virus mandates, Antifa peaceful protests, Energy destruction, Economic suicide, Illegal Immigration flood, Marxist Indoctrination, RINO+DemRat=UNIparty, Globalist control…


Gov and dopes, they wreck and scheme..

Trump still survivin’ (& thrivin,) on he tweets (via Liz Harrington)..

Look at sleaze!..

They is shattered..😫

Hoax in tatters..😤

Friends all so alarming (Anti-American / God Given Liberty Statists)..

Their Gov’ners (Blue State Fascists) always harming (our Constitutional Rights)..

Life’s just a ‘witch hunt’ party for these creeps..

Sheeple addressed by plastic hags (see Pelosi, Waters etc)..

Worm apple..

Directing traffic (propaganda), their kind of fashion (fake news)..


After ploy (Trump hate hoaxes) and recklessness (power abuse, get/undo Trump no matter cost, ends justify means),

To wreck (border/security) & wreck (economy, inflation, supply chains etc) & wreck (Afghanistan, Ukraine, Mid-East peace) & wreck (free, fair, honest elections),

Now look at sleaze! (Trump exposing forever their rot & corruption)

Swamp in tatters!🤯

All their chitter chatter (TDS whining, writhing, screaming at the sky)…

Shmatta, shmatta, shmatta (liberal nonsensical blabber)🤮…

They can’t sell it these days on lamestream dumb dumb news🤤🖕🏻…

These clowns been swearing it matters..

Uh huh..

Shapoopie (BS)

Work & work, use gov to wreck,
& ain’t they hungry to detest (TDS)..

Detest!.. detest!.. detest!..

It don’t matter…

Uh look at ‘T’! (Trump support thriving & growing)

Lies & ploys & greed &

That’s what makes Swamp Town a rat’s nest🐀

Lies & ploys & dirty schemes,
But Trump still survivin’, on he tweets📱👍

Don’t they know the crime rates goin’ up, up, up, up, up!

To live in Blue towns, you must be a schmuck, schmuck, schmuck, schmuck, schmuck, schmuck, schmuck!..

You got DemocRats on the Dark-Side, Dem thugs, burnin’ towns..

What a (purposeful) mess!..

These clowns in tatters😤😭

Schiff-For-Brains🤤💩 been battered (all his hoaxes in tatters)..

Splattered all over fake-news-land…

S H a T t e R E d Emoji

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