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“OH, WHAT A NIGHT”🌚 #SleepywalkerSca nScam😴🗳🤫💤

by on August 16, 2021

“OH, WHAT A NIGHT”🌚 #SleepywalkerScanScam😴🗳🤫💤

(music by The Four Seasons)


Tattered American Flag Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty ...

Oh, what a night…

Late November (3rd), count shut down by three…

(A.M. because Trump was way ahead)

What a very corrupt time, indeed…

Always remember, what a sleight😏…

Oh, what a night…

The rolls, they didn’t even show their names… (unregistered, illegal, dead etc)🙄

Now our elections never gonna be the same…

(not free or fair – see Venezuela & Cuba)

Was so shady, what a sleight😏…

(‘Crime of the Century’)

Oh I…..

Got a sinking feelin’ when FOX called, Arizona way too soon…🤔

Oh my…..

As I recall count suspended much to soon😱….

Oh, what a night!😠

Falsifying, ballot thievery📬…

They did everything, had schemed to seize…

Sleeze pretender🤤💤 (election integrity surrender),

What a blight🤢…

We felt the crush, of a controllin’ ‘cabal of plunder’🦹🏻‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

(per ‘Circle Rally Joe’: “we have built the most extensive election fraud op in history, folks”)🤤💤

Scannin’ til ahead (same ballot multiple times), no one around (after kicking observers out),

& fakin’ the ballot number…

Oh, what a rigged fight!😠…


Why’d it take so long to shine audit light?…🤔

(no investigation, forensic analysis, court hearing evidence etc)👎

Seemed so wrong (vote count stoppage at same time in multi swing counties),

But now we know Trump was so right (as always)😉…

Was so shady, what a sleight…


(Repeat Verses – AZ, MI, GA, PA, WI, NV…..all 50)

Oh, what a night!….

Oh, what a sleight!….

Oh, what a (rigged) fight!….

Oh, what a blight!….

Oh, what a night!🌚🗳🤫💤

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