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by on August 1, 2021


(music by Santana)


One day I was underground (the most popular cellar-dweller in history)..

When I needed a hand, 81 million ballots were found😏..

I was so far down (on Nov 3rd), they almost couldn’t make up..

(had to stop counting in all key swing states & truck in fake ballots & spike machines)🤷🏻‍♂️

You know & next day (Nov 4th), Trump was one of life’s losers🥳

All my Swamp friends, were my excusers (Joe is so popular he even got the ‘alien vote’)👽🖖🛸

In I led (“most comprehensive vote fraud operation in history”), he lost before he begun😉…

(JANUARY 2021)

I have these schemes (radical left wishlist), will make us go bust..

Purposely abuse gov, that’s dictator lust..

I’ll keep living in style, when the walls fall in (Cloward Piven overload & collapse the systems)..

& when I play my hand (empty town halls, berating my fake press, motorcade flipped off by droves of Trump fans, foreign leaders laughing at me in my face)..

I look like a joker🤪 (& choker)🤮

‘Shut down count’ fake, must have provoked it (election audits)Emoji

‘Cause Truth & Justice is a waitin’ outside WH door….

I’m cheating… (ELECTION)Emoji

I’m caving… (BORDER & HEALTH SAFETY)Emoji

I’m hiding… (FROM REAL NEWS)Emoji

I’m bullying/threatening… (TRUMP SUPPORTERS aka MAJORITY)Emoji

I’m surrendering… (TO ADVERSARIES)Emoji

But just pretend, we’re winning againEmojiEmojiEmoji

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