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by on July 11, 2021


(music by The Charlie Daniels Band)

The Devil (Dem) went down to Georgia, he was lookin’ for the vote to steal👹..

He was in a bind, ‘cause Sleepy😴 was way behind..

& he was willin’ to make a (‘consent decree’) deal😏..

He came upon this RINO (Gov Kemp🤤) sittin’ on his ass, and governin’ NOT!👎

So the Demvil jumped up on his fake news to stump, & said sheeple lemme tell ya what🤮..

I guess you didn’t know it, but I’m the “real Governor”, boo hoo😰 (“I actually got elected in 2018!”)😡

So if you dare to say it’s fair,

I’ll make racist charges against you!🤭👈..

Now you displayed pretty good campaignin’, boy (Trump nonstop rallies & took Crooked Hillary out)

But give the Democ🐀 our due.. (FauxJoe: “we got the most comprehensive vote fraud operation in history”)

I bet my Mail-In gold📬🗳, against your (Legal) rolls..

‘Cause I think I’ll cheat on you😏 (after counting is stopped in the middle of night)🤫..

The Patriot said, my name’s Donny, and I’m damn sure I win (counting all real & legal votes)

I’ll take your bet, you’re gonna regret, ‘cause MAGA’s the best (strongest) it’s ever been💪😉🇺🇸

Donny, fuel up your jet & campaign rally hard..

‘Cause fraud’s broke loose in Georgia, and ‘late-nite’ Ruby🌜(multi) scans the cards (ballots)😏..

& if you win (fairly & squarely) we’ll get this shiny country made of gold (Free Market Capitalism & American Exceptionalism FOR ALL)🇺🇸😉..

But if you lose, the ‘Demvils’

get our soul!🇺🇸😲….

The Demvil shuttered up poll place, and he said I’ll block, no show🙈..

& ire spewed from his fingertips as he doctored up (forged) for Joe🗳✍🏼..

& he scanned the vote into machine, and it made the tally flip (Trump votes to Biden)🙃..

& then a band of DEMons joined in, and it totaled nothin’ but shit💩 (200% overvote)👎

When the Demvil’s finished, Donny said, we’ll you’re pretty bad (corrupt) Swamp ones🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️..

Try’n shut down audits ev’rywhere, AZ show ya how it’s done! (AMERICA’S AUDIT)🇺🇸😉

Fire all the Swampers, run (America 1st) candidates, run!👍…

The Demvil’s out our House, their (Anti-American Agenda) influence NONE!👍…

MAGA ‘cross our great land, callin’ out ‘Faux’🤤…

Trump (2022) endorsements for fight, go rile (Snowflakes) go!😱🤣…

The Demvil👹 plowed ahead, but he knew Lady Liberty🗽 couldn’t be beat..

& he sank in liberal drivel in swamp ground at Donny’s feat (R.I.P. Crooked Establishment)👍..

Donny said, “Demvil’s don’t dare come back, Socialism’s never gonna be tried here again!”…

I done told you once (America will never be a Communist country!) you ‘Squad a bitches’🤮💩,

we’re the best🇺🇸 (for human condition) there’s ever been!..

We displayed, fire all The Swampers, run Patriots run!💪😉🇺🇸…

The Demvil’s out our House, their influence done…

MAGA ‘cross our great land, callin’ out ‘Faux’🤤…

Trump endorsements for fight (2022), go rile (cupcakes) go!😫🤣….

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