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“Not DEAD, It’s ALIVE”💪 😉🇺🇸 #’SaveAmerica’BigLeague (verse 3)

by on July 6, 2021

“Not DEAD, It’s ALIVE”💪😉🇺🇸 #’SaveAmerica’BigLeague (verse 3)

(music by Bon Jovi)

Sambora 6-String Salute 🎸SOLO…


Well, we line these streets😍..

A load of Trump flags on our backs🤩..

We play for keeps.. (our GOD GIVEN Rights)

‘Cause we’re takin’ our country back!👊🏻

Trump rallies everywhere📣🇺🇸..

‘Cause still he’s standin’ tall💪😉 (despite constant Democ🐀Anti-American commie witch hunts)

He’s inspired tens of millions of Patriots 🇺🇸👍 (100 million real legal votes, at least)

& he’s ROCKED us all!🎸

(has also rocked the TDS Establishment Swamp😱)🤣

(Current Real President Trump):

I’m a cowboy🤠👍

On a jet plane I ride🛫🛬

I’m wanted (in 2024)🥰..

MAGA not dead, it’s Big League alive!💪😉🇺🇸

I’m a Capitalist🤑👍..

I got Lady Liberty’s might on my side🗽..

Yeah, I’m wanted (2022 endorsements)😉

MAGA not dead, it just thrives!💪😉🇺🇸…

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